Hosted in a different part of the world every few years since 1980, each A-T Workshop is organized by local volunteers, who have an opportunity to be recognized for their leadership in A-T/ATM research.

ATW2019 will be held at the Houston Methodist Research Institute in Houston, TX. The Houston Methodist Research Institute offers an experienced and helpful staff who have hosted numerous international meetings on the premises. The institute is located at 6670 Bertner Avenue, Houston, TX 77040.

Interested in hosting?

The A-T Workshop presents an excellent opportunity to showcase your organization’s role as a leader in A-T and ATM research and treatment. The Organizing Committee welcomes your interest in hosting a future A-T International Workshop.

We request that you submit a proposal (multiple copies, please) early in the Workshop proceedings, so it can be circulated for consideration. On the last day of the Workshop, please attend the Organizing Committee meeting to present your proposal, which should include the following:

  1. City and country for your proposed venue
  2. Names of proposed scientific organizers and their academic affiliations
  3. Prior experience(s) with organizing a workshop
  4. A description of the hotel suggested as the main venue for the Workshop (include a hotel brochure showing the facility), with details on the maximum capacity of the hotel and its main conference hall
  5. Dates being considered: year, month, day (Be sure to clear the dates for conflicts with other major meetings and major holidays.)
  6. Description of audiovisual facilities available
  7. Accessibility: Nearest airport, travel routes, connections, any busing requirements, plan/mechanism for retrieving late arriving participants
  8. Hotel category and room costs, any taxes or hidden costs
  9. A financial plan
  10. Estimated costs ($145,000)
  11. Extent of hosting services included: hotel, travel, registration fees
  12. Anticipated attendance
  13. Funding sources available
  14. Committed sponsors
  15. Letter of commitment from school or major underwriter
  16. Theme or focus of the workshop